Tuesday Tantrum: Tipping Point in Publishing?

Agent Ginger Clark tweeted today about an article posted at the Publishing Perspectives website. The article piles on more kindling (pun absolutely intended) to the ever-growing bonfire of controversy about Self e-publishing vs. Traditional publishing models.

You've probably been enticed by the superstars we've all heard of (*** cough ***Amanda Hocking), but they actually point out a more compelling reason for a debut author to consider the self e-pub route: the midlist author. I mean, it's been a bit of a false argument up till now. Often, the unlikelihood that a writer will earn notice -- not to mention income -- from self-publishing is highlighted, while the equally low probability that this will be achieved through traditional publishing is not. What's interesting here is that for those writers destined to run in the middle of the pack, the e-pub route is the better one financially.

Another argument sometimes made is about the limitations this path presents, most notably in the foreign rights territory. Turns out, that's becoming less true as well.

There remains one compelling reason to go the traditional route, in my mind: libraries. I'd like to see my novel available for checkout, in material form, from public and school libraries. If Amazon can help solve that roadblock, I'd be most obliged to consider jumping on the fast track that self-publishing offers to potential success.

What do you think? Have we truly reached a tipping point?

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